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Apolis — Attention as Participation (Gallery)

  • 180 mins

Apolis — Attention as Participation (Gallery)

Friday 3/15 –  Friday 3/22 – The Crumb Factory (2nd Floor, 114 River St, Montpelier, VT)

Admission is free and donations are welcomed.

CAUTION: Some lighting is used at this show that may be disruptive to people with epilepsy or light sensitivity. 

The exhibition presents nine works from seven artists living in disparate locations internationally. Mostly made with little to no dialogue, these works approach filmmaking in their own unique and unconventional ways, inviting the audience to experience various unusual sensory journeys, while they reflect, revisit, and recompose concepts, places, histories, identities, emotions, and desires.

The exhibition delves into the role of spectatorship in filmmaking and viewing, where it can be both passive and active in shaping the creation and experience of films. The relationships between the artists, the audience, and the filmed subjects are reexamined, deconstructed, and recreated, through which new senses and experiences unfold. It seeks for an inspired awareness beyond passive spectatorship, where attention acts as participation in perception and the unspoken dialogue with the world.

Video information below. More information about music program HERE. More about this entire special satellite program of the GMFF HERE.

Open galley times:
MAR 15 FRI: 5 – 8 PM (opening)
MAR 16 SAT: 1 – 8 PM
MAR 17 SUN: 1 – 7 PM
MAR 18 – 22 MON – FRI (by appointment via 

Screenings + Zoom Artist Talks:

MAR 16 SAT: 8 – 9 PM
Richard Kuan: “Stationed Drifting” and “Family Portrait”

MAR 17 SUN: 2 – 3 PM
Martin Moolhuijsen: “cosm(o)etica” and “grain cloud atmosphere”

*“Stationed Drifting” and “cosm(o)etica” will only be playing at the specific times above. All other films will be on loop during regular hours**

Guest curated by Menghan Weng and 23AD.

In this program

Erosion Project

Directed by Dan Su

zodiac 0°56’ (rewind-retrograde edit)

Directed by Aodhagán O’Flaherty

nearness; an effigy

Directed by Ada Bowman

Family Portrait

Directed by Richard Kuan

Screening + zoom artist talk with Richard Kuan Saturday 3/16 @ 8 – 9 PM.


Directed by Martin Moolhuijsen

Screening + zoom artist talk with Martin Moolhuijsen Sunday 3/17 @ 2 – 3pm.

grain cloud atmosphere

Directed by Martin Moolhuijsen

Painterly technique and colour, the film is the result of improvisation with software.


Directed by Menghan Wang

Stationed Drifting

Directed by Richard Kuan

Screening + zoom artist talk with Richard Kuan Saturday 3/16 @ 8 – 9 PM.


Directed by John Roberts

Super 8mm Transfer to Video

Dates & Times


The Crumb Factory

Fri, Mar 15
5:00 pm

The Crumb Factory

Sat, Mar 16
1:00 pm

The Crumb Factory

Sun, Mar 17
1:00 pm