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Directed by Monica Sorelle

Cast: Atibon Nazaire, Bechir Sylvain, Chris Renois, Karina Bonnefil, Sheila Anozier

Xavier works in construction and shares a humble but colorful home with his wife Esperance and their adult son Junior. Tenacious immigrants, Xavier and Esperance find comfort in Haitian food and their community in Miami’s Little Haiti, but they dream of a better life – specifically, Xavier wants to buy the pretty white house down the block. Monica Sorelle’s debut feature holds a level of nuance that can only come from lived experience. Filled to the brim with sensitive performances, MOUNTAINS sharply reveals what it is like to live between two cultures as the creep of gentrification closes in on the life you’ve sacrificed everything to build.

Dates & Times


The Capitol Theater - Screen 3

Sun, Mar 17
5:00 pm