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Mambar Pierrette

Directed by Rosine Mbakam

Cast: Cécile Tchana, Fabrice Ndjeuthat, Karelle Kenmogne, Pierrette Aboheu

Mambar Pierrette is a single mother in Douala, Cameroon just trying to get by. Taking care of her elderly mother and three children while running a small sewing shop, Pierrette’s precarious situation becomes worse and worse with floods, thefts, and ladies who simply do not want to pay the amount they agreed to for their dresses. In this assured narrative debut by acclaimed documentarian Rosine Mbakam, Pierrette navigates hardship with tenacity and no-nonsense warmth, always ready to help her friends even when the rains of Cameroon are slowly closing in on her own home.

Dates & Times


The Capitol Theater - Screen 3

Fri, Mar 15
1:30 pm