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Directed by Brett Story, Stephen T. Maing

Cast: Christian "Chris" Smalls

There are few more intimidating opponents than corporate behemoth Amazon, but, in this vital documentary about the formation of the Amazon Labor Union at the company’s JFK8 facility in Staten Island, Chris Smalls and his team of organizers are determined to fight with everything they’ve got. UNION conveys the up-hill battle of labor organizing with incredible nuance; as the ALU strives for humane working conditions, they must contend not only with the largest e-commerce company in the world’s anti-union campaign but also with divisions within their own group. Struggling to communicate on late night zoom calls and huddling under a tent outside JFK8 hoping to catch some weary workers to talk to, the union organizers’ tenacity is a beacon of hope in an unequal world, but the odds (and the money) are painfully stacked against them.

Dates & Times


The Capitol Theater - Screen 2

Sun, Mar 17
4:30 pm