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Apolonia, Apolonia

Directed by Lea Glob

Cast: Alexandra Tlolka, Apolonia Sokol, Hervé Breuil, Oksana Shachko, Stefan Simchowitz

Born in her parents’ Parisian theater, Apolonia grew up in a Bohemian environment full of artists and activists. Now a painter herself, she fights the commercial pressures of the art industry and the creep of mundanity to carve out a life that’s in line with her brilliant spirit. Documentarian Lea Glob followed Apolonia for 13 years, charting the artist’s journey and resiliency in a heartwarming film about friendship between women and the rollercoaster that is living a life of art.

Dates & Times


The Savoy Theater

Sat, Mar 16
7:15 pm